A wedding is one of the happiest moments in life. When it comes to it, everything needs to be exceptional, including the way you invite people to your wedding party. Below are the best wedding invitations you can use to spread the good news.

1. Delicacy Wedding Invitations by Vera Wang

This is part of the special Vera Wang x The Knot Collection that comes with Vera Wang’s distinctive styles exclusively offered by The Knot.

You will like its design that represents fine things in love and life. Beautiful florals instantly impress any eyes, while their color brings joy to your heart. This wedding invitation is a perfect announcement of your upcoming celebration.

2. Eucalyptus Frame Wedding Invitations

So you want to spread love before your wedding party. This is where the Eucalyptus Frame can help. Through this vibrant invitation, you can do it. The card displays your names marvelously using attractive fonts and frames, as well as different colors to complement the design.

3. Gilded Monogram Wedding Invitations

This Gilded Monogram is a great choice to mark your special day. On the front of this invitation lie your initials decorated by stunning floral imagery in glowing foil. It also includes your name, statement, and details of your wedding.

4. Vintage Nouveau Wedding Invitations

Your forthcoming wedding celebration should be announced in the loveliest way possible. You can do it with this elegant invitation, which frames your wedding details in an eye-catching pictorial decoration. It uses vintage font and a simple sans-serif script for the writing.

5. Forever Wedding Invitations by Vera Wang

As part of the exceptional Vera Wang x The Knot Collection, this invitation features Vera Wang’s well-known aesthetic in various styles only found on the Knot. It conveys your statement in a clear and simple manner while representing your excitement at the same time.

6. Floral Frame Wedding Invitations

Give meaning to your wonderful wedding day with this first-class elegance. The luxurious invitation allows your love to shine even before being celebrated. With a two-line foul frame complemented with art-deco accents and beautiful floral wrap, it shows the details of your wedding in the most prominent way possible, using italic style and classic serif font.

7. Storybook Filigree Wedding Invitations

Through a wedding, you take love to the next level. Before that happens, you can use this ornate invitation to announce you’re happy day. It boasts foil filigree with obvious luxury and magnificence and outlines your wedding details in a combination of formal serif and looping fonts.

8. Garden Arch Wedding Invitations

Keep your love story going and let your relatives and friends know when it enters the next stage using this wedding invitation. It features hand-drawn florals cascading around your celebration’s details. With a script-style font, it showcases your name in a clear and beautiful way.

9. Painted Mountains Wedding Invitations

Let your love flows endlessly along with your hope and opportunity. Express your gratitude for your upcoming wedding with this invitation. It shows painted mountains and the details of your special day. The invitation uses serif and simple fonts and is printed on textured paper with various color schemes, from rich forest to rustic earthy.