Finding a good phone watch isn’t easy. But, here are some tips for buying a new phone watch.

What to look for in a Phone Watch

Screen size

Choose the right screen size by considering how large you want your watch face to be. The size of the case and strap also factor in. If you have small wrists and prefer smaller watches, then choose models with 38 mm or 42 mm dials. If you have big wrists, then a larger dial could be easier to see.

Dial colour

Yellow is a popular colour for dials and can be seen on many of the watches here at Watches on Amazon. Nevertheless, it depends on personal preference, with many people being either very much drawn to this particular colour or not liking it at all. So, make sure you choose the right colour for you. If you prefer a sportier look or one with bolder colours then choose a red or orange dial watch.

Band Style

There are two main band styles to choose from. These are leather and metal bands. Go for the one you prefer. In particular, metal is a good choice for those who want both a sporty and high-quality look. An advantage of metal bands is that they’re more durable than leather ones and may have links that are easily removed or added if necessary, so you can replace them if they get damaged.

Case shape.

The case shape varies according to what type of watch you’re looking for. Classic round cases are classic because they’ve been around for a while. Round watches are also easy to wear because they sit more snugly on the wrist, especially if they’re on a rubber strap. A rounded case is generally good for those who has smaller wrists, because it’s less likely to irritate the skin, and thus look nicer on slightly chubbier wrists.

Beware of cheap fake watches. These are usually made of poor quality materials and will soon fall apart if you carry them around in your pocket or handbag.