When you have family or friends who live with you, it’s essential to not only have a security system but one that is easy for them to use. That way, if any of your loved ones need help, they can easily make an emergency call from their bedroom or living room.

The key features we recommend looking for when deciding on an installation include:


Some systems offer geofencing as a crucial feature. Geofences allow you to designate areas close by where your loved ones tend to spend time and where the security sensors will be active at all times. By adding your phone to their geofence, you can send your loved ones a notification when they enter the area or a reminder when they leave. That is incredibly helpful for elderly parents who may forget to activate their security system when returning home from shopping.

Remote access

An easy-to-use remote access feature allows loved ones to monitor the system anytime. Even if someone is using your own home security system, you can keep tabs on their location and prevent any unauthorized entry or tampering with your gear.

Cloud storage

This may be necessary depending on how many devices your loved ones own, how big your home is and how messy they are. A good home security system will allow you to store footage in the cloud for a long time and record continuously, so you’re always protected.

Motion detection

Using the sensors is a good way to catch intruders in the act, but an even better way is to set up motion detection. When motion is detected by your home’s cameras, for example, you’ll be able to see who it is before they even get close enough to your home, or you’ll be notified that something has been triggered by one of your sensors. The key here is as follows: The higher the resolution and frame rate on a camera, the more likely it can capture movement and activities.

A good home security system is an investment worth making. It can deter burglars and ensure that if something does happen, you’re covered.