1. Show Off Your Inner Wild Child

Animal prints can empower you without harming the natural order of things but can unleash the inner animal within you. These hip-hugging jeans will set the stage for turning heads anytime you decide to prowl the concrete jungle likewise. A convenient built-in zipper for wearing your favorite boots makes it a cinch to get on or off with ease.



2. Stretch The Truth With Some Corduroy Glam

Your jeans don’t always need to hide anything between the lines except when slimming corduroy adds a touch of elegance. These have a modest mid-rise hipline and tapered ankles for showing off your favorite pumps. If you love sleek lines, you won’t be disappointed once you slip these jeans on for all-day wear.



3. Slither With Style On A Scale That Doesn’t Restrict You

Not even the most talented snake charmers in this world will be able to resist your charms once slipping into these highly decorative serpent jeans. While you won’t get much 1970s backlash for this retro Charlie jean style, you’ll certainly get plenty of double takes. They’re perfect for getting loose and lanky with nearly any kind of footwear added.

4. Get Funky With Weekend Vibes All Over Again

Acid jeans used to be all the rage years ago, but when it comes to summer day-tripping, look no further. You can add a rip of two but these straight-leg jeans give you more than mid-rise comfort all day long. If torn jeans are your style, you can’t go wrong with a little fade added just for fun!

5. Don’t Let Him Know They’re Not From His House

We all remember having that one pair of comfy jeans from your old boyfriend’s place, but these are pretty darn close. The only exception is that it has some added glam stitched in to make this pair really pop on cue. Relaxed and fitting enough, this is one pair of jean pants that is stylish enough to wear all around town.



6. Feel Smooth And Dreamy With Just A Bit Of Luck Thrown In!

The luck of the Irish might just come once a year, but the feel of satin-like velveteen will make these jeans your instant favorite. The color is a brilliant shamrock green with just enough ankle flair to not completely be too flared out. Get the leggy look without being cramped for style anytime you feel like being lucky.




7. Don’t Feel The Pinch From These Baby Blues!

Ole Blue eyes used to sing about memories of the past, but these light sky-blue jeans will bring dreamy thoughts back- once again. Just when you figured pinch waists weren’t so comfortable to wear, now show off your curves with some justice. An instant classic fit that will inspire relaxing and lazy days, or jaw-dropping chic style!

8. You Might Need A Speed Limit Set For These Jeans

If the radar detector doesn’t get set off by this pair of jeans, you’ll have no problem slipping away wearing these. How about a slick jean style that takes jet black to a whole new level? Form-fitting enough for any ho-down rodeo yet features a savvy New York vibe that echoes future punk all night long.


9. Forget About Button Fly When You Can Zip Around Town

Quirky and sparky enough for the office, but racy enough for power shopping on the weekend, these jeans will always be eye-catching! This pair features zippers that run all the length from the ankle to the waist with no apologies accepted. Make a stark statement without ever saying a word for a form-fitting fashion you’ll love to wear.



10. Greased Lightning Can Strike More Than Once!

Even if you aren’t going out to prowl, this pair of jeans has the looks that can kill. Slip into these rather impressive cheetah print crop jeans that show off your wild side. They’re form-fitting enough to be comfortable yet faded enough to help blend in with all your other accessories.