So, you want to travel around the globe and stay in top-rated hostels. Travelers want to know that a nice bedroom and dinner await them at the end of the day. Hostel World gathers reviews and creates a list of the most popular hostels to stay at when traveling. They also provide visitors with Hostel + Tour recommendations, which is what this post is about. Let’s find out.

Travel around the world: Tour + Hostel

If you want to explore a new place and live a new adventure, you can join a crew with other travelers, local guides, and hostels. Depending on the culture and world you want to explore, there are different tours available:

* Asia: 13 tours
* Europe: 13 tours
* South America: 3 tours
* Central America: 3 tours

There is a tour for everyone, whether you like going to the beach or submerging yourself in nature and its breathtaking views.

1) Hanoi Escape

This three-day and two-night hostel-based trip are perfect for an affordable new experience. You will explore the city and the old town on a cyclo tour. You will also drink local beer at the famous Bia Hoi corner, an activity you don’t want to miss. Other activities include heading to Ha Long Bay to enjoy the view or sightseeing on your own.

2) Greece Escape

Let’s face it, most people have wanted to visit Greece at some point. With this five-day and four-night Greek hostel trip, you can! The tour will take you from Corfu to Athens. You will visit the monasteries in Meteora and the ancient tombs in Delphi. If you are an enthusiast of history or the Mediterranean lifestyle, this tour is for you!

3) Cancún Escape

Cancún is often associated with heading to the beach and relaxing in a hostel pool, but you can do much more! With this four-day, three-night hostel-based tour, you can explore the area and head on an excursion. You can cook regional Yucatecan food, visit an insect museum, swim in a cenote, and take free days to visit Isla Mujeres.

4) Inca Adventure

Have you ever wanted to visit Cusco or Machu Picchu? If so, this pack is for you. With seven days and six nights in a hostel, this hostel-based adventure will take you to the Andes. You and the crew will explore Cusco and its Sacred Valley. You will visit the Inca ruins, waterfalls, and the famous Machu Picchu! Lots of walking on this tour. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you can even trek your way to Rainbow Mountain.