You’re probably right here having a hard time choosing where to get your bridal shower invitation cards. Stop that worried face. We’ve got you! This list contains several templates that you can choose for all budget types and the kind of party you want to hold. Here are 8 bridal shower invitations from The Knot that foreshadows the fun to come.

1. The Modern Minimalist by Vera Wang

This bridal shower invitation card speaks of only simplicity. The paper and the design are simply laid out but tell precisely what you want. This is for brides that want to highlight the simple yet extraordinary event of their lives.

2. Floral Veil Bridal Shower Invitations

Is the theme of your bridal shower involve a lot of flowers? This is your type of bridal shower invitation card. The front part of the card features flowers in colors that are not too bright for the eyes. It’s aesthetically pleasing and very inviting.

3. Lucky Circle Bridal Shower Invitations

Red has always been a favorite color. It symbolizes love, commitment, and good luck. This card will make sure that it gets the attention of your guests. Who would not be intrigued by this not-so-typical bridal shower invitation card?

4. Beloved Floral Bridal Shower Invitations

Maroon is the main theme of this invitation card. It also features brightly colored flowers on each side of the invitation card. The ‘Bridal Shower’ words are in a beautiful and romantic swirling script.

5. Vintage Ornate Frame Bridal Shower Invitations

This features an ornate illustrated frame. There is something about black that makes this card uniquely beautiful. Bet you’ve not yet seen a card that is in the color black. This is chic, cool, and classy.

6. Gilded Leaves Bridal Shower Invitations

This card features a subtle yet very captivating design. Around the corners of the card are gilded leaves in the color gray. These beautifully match the dark gray color of the card.

7. Breezy Palm Trees Bridal Shower Invitations

Want to highlight the beautiful sunrise at the beach? This will for sure delight your guests and make sure that they come to your bridal shower. The background matches dark and light color tones.

8. Timeless Hoop Bridal Shower Invitations

The information that will be written on this card will be in Serif and Sans-serif font. The card features a lush frame of florals. The theme of the invitation is mint green which is very relaxing to the eyes.