If you are looking for high-quality, scientifically-proved recovery and relaxing tools that will be your best companion when feeling sore after a crazy-long workday or when you need to bounce back after a grueling workout session or hike, reach for these following 8 amazing Therabody Products.

1. RecoveryTherm Vibration Knee (Hot and Cold)

This one combines vibration, heat, and cold therapy to provide effective knee recovery and pain relief. It features the brand’s Cryothemal Technology which ensures fast cooling and heating for precise contrast therapy.

2. RecoveryTherm Back and Core (Hot Vibration)

This one is ideal if you are suffering from chronic lower back pain due to any injuries. It can be used for pain relief from menstrual cramps and minor muscle pain. This wearable device is also an excellent post-workout recovery tool. It uses heat and vibration therapy for effective and advanced back and core relief.

3. Wave Duo

This compact and smart vibrating roller can apply accurate pressure at the right angles because of its ergonomically contoured design. It can provide relief from muscle tension and soreness in your neck, spine, and back with its high-traction grooves in wave texture and 5 effective vibration frequencies.

4. Theragun PRO (5th Generation)

Considered the world’s best massaging device, this one is much quieter and smarter than its predecessors. It provides deep muscle treatment for pro-longed relief from aches, ailments, and pain.

5. RecoveryAir Compression Half-Jacket

It is designed to provide pneumatic compression to the muscle groups present in the upper body responsible for everyday lifting movements, overhead, and rotational. It can be used on both the left and right sides and will target the core, back, chest, shoulder, and arms.

6. RecoveryAir Compression Pants

It targets the lower body (feet, hips, core, and lower back) for effective lymphatic drainage. The restorative massage provided by this pair of pneumatic compression pants can offer proper lower-body pain relief.

7. Theragun mini (Desert Rose)

The advantages of having a portable recovery and massaging tool at your disposal wherever you go are far too many. Besides improving sleep and mobility, it is designed to provide relief from muscle knots, tension, soreness, and fatigue. This lightweight stress-relief solution can speed up recovery too.

8. TheraFace PRO (White)

For ultimate facial health, consider investing in this one. It features rejuvenating light therapy and skin-toning microcurrent to provide proper facial treatments. For effective and relaxing facial massage, it uses percussive therapy.

The list of 8 best Therabody Products that everyone should invest in has come to an end. So, select the ones you or your loved one needs the most, and shop now!