Having pillows on your sofa look good and help to make a house, a home. Nordstrom have some amazing products that could definitely appeal to you so let’s take a look at the top 9 decorative pillows that you might be interested in.

1 - Ajo Accent Pillow

This monochrome striped pillow looks super stylish and modern, it is soft and made from 100% cotton. It would look appealing in any home and could add a much-needed accessory.

2 - Square Linen Accent Pillow

If you want something a little more feminine, this pillow could definitely be right up your street. The pink and white design features a pillow in the middle for a really signature piece.

3 - Coast Organic Cotton Pillow Cover

This is a more rectangular pillow and it has a pretty but simple pattern. It is made from organic cotton and features a sweet diamond design that brings a touch of elegance.

4 - Velvet Applique Accent Pillow

This is a high-quality velvet pillow that looks and feels amazing. The pattern is quite simple but it does also feature a pop of color to liven up a room.

5 - Delphine Throw Pillow

This is a knitted pillow that is made from a blend of acrylic and soft wool blend. The neutral color means that it goes with a wide range of different decor too.

6 - In The Wild CozyChic Accent Pillow

If you want to inject a touch of leopard print into your home, this would be the ideal choice. This pillow is glamorous and soft so what more could you really want?

7 - Euphoria Accent Pillow

This plush pillow is all one color so it is super simple but it looks really cute and would look good on a number of styles of sofa or bed. If you want to keep it delicate and pretty, this could be something you want to opt for.

8 - Cotton & Organza Accent Pillow

This is an Italian-made pillow which is fun and sophisticated at the same time. It looks very unique and is available in a couple of different colors so that you can really style it to your preferred interior.

9 - Genuine Sheepskin Pillow

If you want to be as cosy as possible, this sheepskin pillow looks good and allows you to show off your personality. This could definitely become your new favorite pillow.