Tools are made for a reason. With the rise of brands that offers tech-health devices, these innovations are not just a bougie alternative to the classics but also advanced technology that provides natural wellness solutions and accessibility for everyone. Their body presents a variety of products from muscle stimulators and vibration therapy to massage guns, accessories, and even topicals and ingestible Here are the essential Therabody Products accessories you will surely need and love.

1.TheraFace PRO Microcurrent Ring

Using the TheraFace PRO with a microcurrent ring will make your skin tighter and firmer. This device features microcurrent technology that utilizes low-level electrical currents to firm, lift, and tone your face and neck muscles which gives you a youthful glow. Microcurrent can also stimulate and increases the creation and production of elastin and collagen in the skin. For best and immediate results, it’s recommended to use it with the specifically formulated TheraOne Conductive Gel.

2.RecoveryAir Compression Sleeve

This new attachment was specifically made to deliver clinically proven, targeted pneumatic compression to your arms. Aside from being easy to use, it also quickly reduces soreness and increases circulation effectively and safely. Its interchangeable design boasts an effortless use on either the left or right side or even using both sleeves at once.


A must-have Theragun accessory that targets extra sensitive areas. Supersoft is for particularly sore muscles and body areas that require a lighter touch. Whether it’s a tender spot around your joints or an extremely sore muscle, this gentle yet effective treatment showcases a softer approach that allows you to customize muscle treatments you want with an impact level that your body needs without compromising on Theragun Therapy’s benefits.

4.PRO Wireless Charging Stand

Created for your convenience, this charging stand is where function meets form. Apart from charging your Theragun PRO easier, faster, and hassle-free, it doubles as a sleek and minimalist storage as well. All in all, it’s aesthetic, attractive, functional, and definitely, an indispensable accessory that keeps your Theragun charged and ready.

5.TheraFace Pro Cleansing Ring

The only waterproof attachment of TheraFace PRO that helps achieve a percussive-based, deeper cleanse by lifting off buildup and dirt. Moreover, it enhances the removal of dead skin, oil, and debris that blocks pores. It’s not only an accessory that revolutionizes the way of cleansing but also makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed as it also massages and exfoliates at the same time.

6.Duo Adapter Supersoft™ Set

If you love the Supersoft attachment, you’ll undoubtedly relish this accessory. This is something the brand has been working on for the last few years which allows you to cover twice the extra-sensitive surface area in less than no time. Additionally, since it features softer, non-porous heads, it’s a safer way to target smaller areas such as your Achilles tendon, shins, or spine compared to the typical hard attachment that comes with many different massage guns these days.

7.TheraFace Hot and Cold Rings

The ThereFace Hot and Cold Rings have been making round on TikTok and other platforms. The hot ring is designed to reduce tension and increase blood flow. By relieving stiff and sore muscles, the hot ring provides a warm, soothing, and relaxing feeling to your skin. The cold ring, on the other hand, is meant to decrease inflammation, depuff, and decrease muscle spasms and pain. This cold ring attachment not just targets your under-eye areas but can also be used on the back of your neck, cheeks, and forehead. These Therabody Products accessories come with an insulated travel pouch.

8.Multi-Device Wireless Charger

The most seamless device that offers convenient, hassle-free, and quick charging and access to your favorite Theragun and Wave Roller whenever you need it. This wireless charger has super fast charging, maximum ease of use, a simple dock design, and all the things you need to have a smooth charging experience.

9.TheraFace PRO Percussive Attachment 3-pack

This set of TheraFace PRO’s percussive attachments is individually designed to increase circulation and gently alleviate tension. The flat attachment can be used to relieve tension on your entire face, chest, and neck while the cone attachment is a more precise treatment that targets areas around your eyes, pressure points, and nasolabial lines. Meanwhile, the micro-point attachment is uniquely made to maximize circulation on larger areas such as your chest, forehead, and cheeks.