Fairy water is a common folklore that it’s a magical amethyst liquid which, when consumed, allows you to have the power of flight. For those unfamiliar with this string of stories, the belief (or entirely made-up story) is that fairies sprinkle fairy water on people or animals in order for them to fly or give them wings.

While many people believe in this story as pure magic and fantasy, there seems to be a growing trend of scientists watching these myths happen up close and putting their own scientific tests on them. In an experiment, a researcher at the University of Melbourne in Australia, Lucy Nicholson, found that fairies do not sprinkle fairy water but rather lick it off of their own wings.

Facts about Fairy Water

1. The “fairy water” is also known as “angel water” or even “fairy dust.” All are common names for the liquid that fairies use to fly.

2. The fairy water is formed by crystallized sugar, created by fairies in their own saliva when they fly and flap their wings too quickly.

3. Fairies can then brush it off of their wings onto other animals or humans and give them “wings” to allow them to fly, too (or at least make them appear to be able to fly).

4. It has been said that only fairy water is able to turn a human into a dragon. Without it, humans will not grow wings.

5. The dragonfly nymph uses the fairy water to transform into an adult dragonfly. This allows them to escape being trapped inside of their own cocoon and fly away.

6. Having wings is said to make the person or animal more beautiful and attractive (not like they need much help). This can describe a person’s glow or even their appearance in general.

7. Humans are the only creatures that can obtain the power of flight from fairy water; other animals are said to be unable to use it for this purpose.

8. There are multiple variations in how you receive fairy wings: some stories say that you must bathe in fairy water in order to be given wings; others say that you must eat the liquid or sip it from a leaf.