Leatherology is a great place to shop for high-end leather products that are both practical and stylish. Their current range of women’s wallets blends these ideas to offer sophisticated solutions for wallets, coin purses, card holders, and more. You can mix and match items to be sure you are never without cash or store cards and know that they are perfectly safe. Here are 8 of the best.



1) Klyde Continental Wallet

This first option is one of the more simplistic designs. It allows the quality leather to speak for itself with a great range of bold colors. Inside there is ample room with all the different compartments for cards, cash, receipts, and more. There is also a D ring for a wrist strap.


2) Small Willow Envelope

This envelope shape takes the long practical approach to women’s wallets and adds a little extra security with the fold-over flap. It is just as spacious and as adaptable to add a strap.


3) Small Zippered Wallet

This one is nicely understated but practical for small handbags. There is just enough to get by with the 4 card slots, coin compartment, and bill area.


4) Round Coin Purse

If all you need is a little purse for small change, you can’t go too wrong with a round coin purse like this. The generous zips and soft leather make it really convenient for daily use. As with the other models, it comes in plenty of colors.

5) Card Pouch

Card cases are another great option if you live a pretty cashless lifestyle and want something for your bank and store cards. This one looks similar to other women’s wallets with the enclosed shape and full zip. However, it is a slimmer option that is just the right size for a few loose cards and coins. Great for a night out.


6) Envelope Card Case

Sticking with the card cases, this one is especially cute with that familiar envelope design and soft pastel colors. There is room for 30 cards and the option for personalization with a monogram.

7) Devon Slim Zip Card Case

This is a nice alternative design for those that need their cards in an accessible place but also access to cash. There is a zippered pocket behind the card slots on a sleek little women’s wallet. It is also said to be small enough to fit inside the first Klyde Wallet.



8) Windsor Checkbook Wallet

Finally, we have something a bit different. If you still like to have your checkbook with you for big purchases and restaurant visits, this could help. There is a secure pocket to keep the book safe from damage inside a sleek zippered case.