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1. Lenovo 11 Tab P11 Plus

A hefty work and entertainment tablet with ample storage and wifi connectivity. The P11 pulls you in with its immersive display, featuring 2k resolution and crisp graphics. 4GB of RAM should be enough to multitask with several apps and browser windows.

2. Samsung 12.4 inch Galaxy Tab S8

A premium tablet that’s the size of a small laptop, the Tab S8 has all the hardware specs you’d want in a high-end device. 2k AMOLED screen display everything beautifully that you’ll want to do all your work and play tasks in this reliable tablet.

3. Hyundai 10.1 inches Hytab Plus

A budget tablet that’s more powerful than you think. A full HD screen gives way to capable 3GB RAM. You can run any Android app smoothly and without running into problems.

4. Lenovo 7 inch Tab M7

A portable travel device that can fit easily in your carry bag or pouch. For the price, you get a touch screen display and a 2GHz processor that can open a few browser windows. You can also carry out video conferences or watch streaming videos with this tablet.

5. Samsung 10.4 inch Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite gives you a tablet that can handle everyday tasks along an expansive screen with 2k resolution. The bezels are slim and produce a modern aesthetic that’s different from other products. It comes with a stylus so you can take notes, edit photos and craft graphic content whenever, wherever.

6. Samsung 10.5 inch Galaxy Tab A8

A Samsung tablet that comes in a feminine pink gold, the Tab A8 offers greater content immersion with its 10.5 inch 2k resolution touchscreen display. Whether for movies, Netflix or YouTube, you’ll feel like you’re watching on a big screen. Virtual surround sound is achieved through four specially tuned speakers.

7. Lenovo 10.6 inch Tab M10 Plus

The Tab M10 Plus is a complete entertainment tablet. 2k touchscreen and narrow bezels give you more real estate, and the included 7,700mAh battery can provide up to 12 hours of video playback.

8. Boox 10.3 inch Note Air2

An e-ink tablet that’s great for reading, annotating text and more, the 1404 x 1872 glass touchscreen display gives you more control over documents and ebooks.

9. Boox 7.8 inch Nova Air

A compact ebook reader that’s great for travels. High resolution e-ink display is touchscreen, and reading ebooks is an absolute pleasure.