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1. Soft Baked Dog Treat By American Journey

These dog treats are slow-baked to give an excellent aroma with a soft texture. Dogs can enjoy the flavor of peanut butter and banana. The company uses natural products to make these dog treats. Potato and Peas are the most common ones.

2. Smart Bones Smart Stick Peanut Butter Flavor

These are vitamin-rich dog treats consisting of natural peanut butter material. The company also added chicken and vegetables to the recipe. Each stick is five inches long. This size is perfect for small and large dogs. It is a rawhide-free product.

3. Good N Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs

The company is making this product from chicken and duck meat. Each treat will last longer due to its high protein content. It also helps dogs with dental hygiene. The product has rawhide.

4. Blue Buffalo Health Bars

These are excellent health bars with baked apples and vegetables. These are natural biscuits for dogs. You can get them in vegetable and meat flavors. The product does not cause allergies as it does not have corn, wheat, and soy.

5. Premium Pork Chomp Sticks

You can get these chomps in chicken, natural, and beef flavors. It is an easy-to-digest food with high protein content. The product does not have rawhide also. It also indicated that dogs digest these snacks fast.

6. Hill's Grain Free Dog Treats

It is a special dog treat with dick and pumpkin ingredients. This product has a perfect treat size to prevent health damage to the crystals. You can get two more flavors in this product category. These products are soft to bite to help dogs with chewing.

7. Blue Dog Bakery Softies

These are medium-sized treats for your dogs with peanut butter flavor. The sides are easy to bite. The chewy center will help dogs maintain eh oral health hygiene. These treats will help the dog have shiny hair due to specialized vitamins.

8. Pedigree Dentastix Large

These treats will keep your dog healthy with triple action teeth care. Pedigree is one of the best companies in the world for dog foods. Starting these snacks early will help dogs grow fast. Eating these snacks regularly keeps the dog healthy. The company is producing different pack sizes to handle small and large dogs.