It’s time to level up your daily outfits in 2023. You can start by exploring different shirt jackets. They are perfect for layering. You can wear them throughout the year. There are also tons of designs that you can choose from. Shirt jackets are typically made from cotton so they are comfortable to wear. You can never go wrong with shirt jackets. Here are 9 shirt jackets that you can try.


1. Chutes Microfleece Shirt

First of all, the shirt features stunning stripes of color that match fall vibes. The color is not striking and overwhelming for the eyes. It’s warm and compliments beige-colored trousers. You can wear this to work or school. It’s for everyday wear.

2. Voyager Fleece Lined Shirt Jacket

What’s great with this shirt jacket is that it is liked with fleece. It provides extra warmth and makes sure that you stay cozy in chilly weather. This jacket is best worn during fall through winter. You might want to avoid this on a hot day.

3. Faller Quilted Long Sleeve Shirt Jacket

This shirt jacket is in the color blue which is great for everyday wear. It features a simple design and color palette. It’s low profile but stylish. You can wear this over your hoodie or just by itself.

4. Chutes Pro Faux Shearling Lined Shirt Jacket

This matches the fall vibe. The color is a combination of red, orange, and brown. The shirt jacket can be worn throughout the season. You might want to layer this during winter for extra warmth.


5. Acclivity Shirt Jacket

If you want a shirt jacket that can offer you another function, then go for this one. This comes with pockets! Yes, you’ve read that right. The pocket is strategically placed on the right side so you warm your hand on a cold day.

6. Faux Shearling Lined Thermal Shirt in Black

A black shirt jacket is a great choice. Since it’s black it will match any of your trousers. You can layer this during a cold day. You can keep the front part open or close depending on your style preference.

7. Faux Shearling Lined Thermal Shirt in Brown

This is built for cross-seasonal comfort. If you don’t want the black version of this thermal shirt, then go for the brown one. It’s chic and will perfectly match your skin tone. The fabric is stretchable and breathable.

8. Eddie's Favorite Flannel Faux Shearling Lined Shirt Jacket

This is your classic work shirt. It’s formal and can be worn to any special event. It’s also black. If you do labor-intensive job, then go for this one. This will help you look neat and presentable all the time.

9. Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Shirt

This feature a unique fabric. It’s soft and will remain soft for years. The fabric is a little bit heavy but is durable. It can withstand the test of time. It comes with chest pockets. This is not too slim and also not too relaxed on your body.