If you’re planning on leveling up your daily outfits and trying something new, this article can offer you some help. Maybe you’re tired of your look or you want to set yourself up for a challenge. No matter what the case, always look for attires that are worth their monetary value. If you need some help choosing women’s attires to try out, here are 9 that you can go for.

1. Embroidered Chimayo Jacket

Jackets are an important piece of your overall attire, especially if you want to wear a tank top or a crop top but it’s too cold outside. Jackets can accentuate your dull top. This is cropped, embroidered, and collared.

2. Mid-Rise Trouser

Mid-rise trousers are starting to come back. This is wide-leg and will emphasize your long legs. You can pair this is a pair of high heels for more style. The jeans have this faded blue palette that looks like an ombre. The cut is outstanding.

3. Tee

A t-shirt may be simple but when styled differently can be transformed into a stunning and sexy top. You can tuck it in when you want to wear this with a skirt or high-waist jeans. The tee has a cute and colorful print on the front.

4. Fade Top

If you often wear black, it’s time to add some color to your OOTD. Try this top that features an ombre of violet and white colors. You can wear this to a formal event just make sure to pair this with a black dress or black trousers.

5. Classic Dress

This dress is simple yet stunning. This features denim fabric that is soft and silky. It comes with pockets and a tie at the waist part for a perfect fit. You can pair this with your boots or sandals.


6. Cardigan

You need to level up your cardigan. Stop choosing neutral colors. This cardigan can add a pop of color to your OOTD. It also features a cute design. The color of the cardigan matches the fall vibes.


7. Billie Jean Popover Shirt

You can certainly wear this to work. It’s formal and features a Bohemian look. You can pair this with your jeans or long skirts. You can even add accessories like a long necklace to match this shirt.

8. Jordan Top

If you want to upgrade your OOTD, try something that you don’t see yourself wearing like this sexy and cute top. It’s not that revealing tho. You can wear this to the beach because it’s perfect for the hot weather.




9. Grand View Top

This is a sweater that you can add to your wardrobe. It’s not that fancy but its simplicity makes it look elegant and formal. You can wear this to work or any event. This is perfect for jeans. You’ll surely love the details and design of the sweater.